Mother and baby Bird Ceramic sculptures ( sold as a pair)


D-10 cm Small: L-12 H-7 W-7

These beautiful Saggar fired birds are indavidually hand made, carefully burnished using a pebble and bisque fired firstly in my electric kiln. They are the Saggar fired.
Saggar firing is done by surrounding each sculpture with a number of unusual ingredients such as sea weed, salt and bannana skins! Then placing inside a metal or purpose built clay container (saggar) and building a fire arround the container in an outside fire pit or wood burner. The container is then fired and smoked for 3-4 hours.
 Each ingredient has its own elements and creates a unique reaction and pattern of natural tones and colours onto the ceramic. 
This makes each piece unique.

A: Weymouth, Dorset, England, DT3 4AN

T:   07867800509


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