Raku fired partridge and two chicks

Raku fired partridge and two chicks

Beautifully hand made and Raku fired Partridge with her little baby chicks in tow. Beautifully tactile and vibrant with stunning turquoise crackle and sometimes flashes of copper. Raku firing is an unpredictable process making each piece unique and although my pieces are made very similar to the images provided, small variations in the crackle and amount of copper flashing with vary.
Each piece is individually hand made from stoneware clay and RAKU fired in my garden studio in Weymouth in Dorset. 
approximate size L-13cm H-12 D-7cm chicks approximately L -4cm H-4cm  D-3cm
Please note this sculpture is made to order. 

Raku is a rapid firing, adapted from an ancient Japanise firing tecnique. A group of approximatly 7 pieces are placed in a small gas fired kiln and rapidly fired over an hour to 1000 degreese celcious. Each piece is then individually taken out of the kiln red hot and placed in a metal bin of wood shavings which instantly combust. The actual finish on each piece is then down to careful timing, length of time in the air, how rapidly they are covered up, how much oxygen is in the bin, and different conbustables all give each piece its own character. Once cooled a layer of black soot is then removed using wire wool to reveal the beautiful crackles and colours beneith. 
  • Care instructions

    Due to the nature of the raku Firing Process to create crackles in the glaze, it is not suited for outdoor useas water may penetrate the tiny crackles. However It is perfectly fine to sponge clean and dry.

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