Shore Bird Sculpture-made to order, please allow up to three weeks


Approximate size L-8 cm H-10 cm D-8 cm

This elegant shore bird sculpture is indavidually hand made, carefully burnished smooth with a pebble, bisque fired in my electric kiln and then Saggar fired.

Saggar firing is done by surrounding each sculpture with a number of unusual ingredients such as sea weed, salt and bannana skins! Then placing inside a metal or purpose built clay container (saggar) and building a fire arround the container in an outside fire pit or wood burner. The container is then fired and smoked for 3-4 hours.
 Each ingredient has its own elements and creates a unique reaction and pattern of natural tones and colours onto the ceramic which is then waxed and pollished with bees wax to set and enhance the natural impressions.
This process makes each piece unique.


A: Weymouth, Dorset, England, DT3 4AN

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