Belinda Sales

Twelve years ago, I joined a pottery group in Weymouth. Since then I have been developing my own style and unique range of handmade ceramics. I now work from my own garden Workshop, specializing primarily in Raku Fired stoneware. 


My work is influenced by the Dorset Coastal scenery and my lifelong interest in wildlife.

I like to make ceramic pictures that are something different from the usual paintings and prints people have on their walls. My aim is to make pictures that are bold and eye-catching, with an element of fun about them.


Most of my work is Raku fired, I am fascinated by the unique effect this ancient technique gives each piece. No two pieces come out of the firing the same. 


See my WHAT IS RAKU? to learn more about this ancient firing technique.  



A: Weymouth, Dorset, England, DT3 4AN

T:   07867800509


Belinda Sales Ceramics

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