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Behind the scenes confession!

So here’s a behind the scenes confession!…I rarely draw detailed plans or mood boards of my work ideas and designs.

Yes, I know that this is the absolute opposite of what your art teacher would tell you to do, but I’ve always found it a tedious task!

Not that I can’t draw when I put my mind to it, I’m just too impatient and excited to just get on and make what pops into my head!

Like many artist, I store a gazillion ideas in my brain, and when I get too many whirling around up there, and some might be in danger of being lost forever, I pop a memory jogging, scruffy sketch on a scrap piece of paper.

If I’m lucky I can remember where I’ve put this little pile of rubbish doodles, gone is my super organised Mary Poppins brain that is now replaced by the grey matter of Dory the fish.

All though these un professional scrawly scribbles look like a young child has drawn them, it’s enough to bring up that brain file with the image of exactly what I want the whole finished piece to end up like!

Generally with my ceramic art, I have an idea of what’s going to work and what doesn’t. Occasionally What’s in my head does not transpire into my actual finished piece, but generally my ‘winging’ it works! 😊

The great thing about working with clay is that you can adapt and problem solve as you go, however once your piece has dried there’s no going back!

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