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Hand built grey Pebble vase

Hand built grey Pebble vase


Individually hand built pebble vessel.

Inspired by my local chesil beach pebble forms, each vessel is unique in its size and shape.

This wonderfully tactical vessel is made from grey colour stoneware clay to give a beautiful subtle texture.

The white vain within the pebble form, is added to be within the clay rather than painted in. This is fine by slicing the vessel in two before adding a thin strip of white clay. I then re attach both pieces and carefully carve and smooth , with out smearing the white vain so it becomes an inlaid realistic pebble marking.

The surface has been left un glazed to give a more natural Matt stone look, highlighting the tactile surface.

Each vessel is a visually beautiful sculptural form, they look great as stand alone decorative pieces or perfect for holding dried stems, foliage, dried grasses and sea fans.

*Not suitable for filling with water due to the slight possibility of eventual seeping through unglazed surfaces.

Listing is for one vase.


height 18cm

width 19cm

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