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Raku fired little puffin

Raku fired little puffin


Individually hand made and Raku fired ceramic puffin sculpture.

These little puffins feel nice in the hand and make the perfect gift for animal lovers!

Each piece is hand built and RAKU fired in my garden studio in Weymouth in Dorset. This process involves a rapid firing to 1000 degrees and while glowing hot, they are quickly placed in hardwood shavings and sealed in a metal container.

Any unglazed areas turn black and glazed areas crackle. The smoke created enhances these crackles during the process.

When Cooled, a coating of soot is removed using wire brushes.

The results of raku firing are both unique and beautiful.

No two pieces are exactly the same.

 Approximate size L-14cm H-9cm D-8cm

Not suitable for outdoors as water may get into the fine raku crackles and expand with the frost.

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